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This includes compound screening to identify the Toxoplasmose-O (various)-Rubella, Herpes Virus and Citomegalovirus.This Test makes a diagnosis of the presence of antibodies, produced by the maternal immune system, when it comes into contact with these organisms, which causes a special disease.This types of organisms have an impact on the children in uterus.TORCH screenign is recommended for all pregnant women, and it is realized by taking a small amount of blood.

Toxoplasmoses potentially causes harm to your child..Damages such as cerebral lesions are frequent.

Others(others as hepatitis B and C, AIDS) are important to know at the time of birth because passing from mother to child through the exchange of blood.

Rosolia (rubella) is infectious disease that is usually taken in childhood.Risk of contamination is greater in the first 3-6 weeks of pregnancy and decreases in 13-weeks , maximum at18.Damages to child are those of the eye, the nervous system and heart malformations.

Cytomegalovirus is responsible for the delay of mental development and deafness.

Herpes, Genital herpes is passed from mother to child during birth in those cases where the mother presents symptoms in evolution.



With infertility of the couple is understood the failure of pregnancy after 12 months of regular sexual contacts.







Infertility is a problem that affects 10% to 20% of couples in fertile age.This phenomenon is getting more frequent for various reasons: the presence of unfavorable environmental factors, like pollution, stress, smog, bad nutrition , sexually transmitted diseases, psycho-emotional factors.

In connection with male factor besides andrologist visit, it is important the conducting a simple analysis such as its spermograma.There are different situations such as:
-Oligospermia: when concentration of spermatosoides in seminal fluid is under 20milion/ml
-Astenospermia: movement of spermatosoids is under 30%
-Teratospermia: percentage of normal forms is below the normal, ie 30%
-OligoAstenoTeratospermia: when the above three situations encountered along

Diagnosis of female infertility is very complex as female body.It should first see if the woman has regular ovulationes.For this reason it is necessary ultrasound examination.In the same time it is performed the hormonal dosage.Hormons used for this purpose are FSH, LH and Estradioli (2nd - 3rd day of the menstrual cycle) and progesterone after ovulation. Examination is also complemented by measuring prolactin and TSH.

With the ultrasound we can see the uterine and ovarial structures and eventual presence of uterine fibroma or ovarial cysts.


Mirena is a device that is placed inside the uterus and that issues small amount of progestinic. At low doses is a therapeutic and simultaneously preventative tool for many pathologies of the genital sphere.

-First, Mirena, has a good contraceptive effect and retrieval after stopping its use
-Secondly, it acts very well in numerous cases of heavy menstrual bleeding
-Third, prevents the formation of endometrial polyps
-Fourthly, from numerous studies is the first that acts in cases with endometrial carcinoma of stage I (sensitive to hormones), to patients that require a pregnancy
-The fifth, Mirena, handles cases with endometriosis and menstrual pain.